The Trojans are one of the four playable races in The Settlers IV. They were introduced in their own expansion, "The Trojans and the Elixir of Power".

Their associated animal is the bull, which can actually be seen ingame while controlling the Trojans. Additionally, the Trojans are said to be fond of horses.

Strengths and specialties Edit

In terms of resource requirements, the Trojans are similar to the Romans, requiring balanced amounts of wood and stone.

The Trojans have access to backpack-catapultists, which have very little health, but higher damage than archers. Their range is comparable to the Mayan's blowgun warrior, which unfortunately prevents the backpack-catapultist from fighting from a safe location during battle. However, they could potentially support towers with their firepower.

While their mana-production chain is not as short as that of the romans, it does not require water and thus does not put additional strain on their food-production.

Magic Edit

The Trojans use primarily economic and defensive spells. Aside from the shared spells, they can turn sulphur into iron, supply mines in a radius with their favorite foods, turn their own soldiers invisible, make the doors to their towers indestructible, turn enemy soldiers back into normal settlers (also causing them to drop their weapons) and reveal any location on the map for a short time.