Settlers 5

The Settlers: Heritage of Kings (The Settlers V) is the fifth game of The Settlers franchise. It was developed by Blue Byte Software and released in 2005.

The game starts when Dario, a young boy in Thalgrund, is suddenly attacked by minions of the evil Mordred. Dario learns from his dying mother that he is the rightful heir to the throne of the land, upon which he sets out, accompanied by his childhood friend Erec, to locate his last living relative, his uncle Helias. Throughout their journey, Dario and friends face perilous dangers and must overcome difficult challenges, including making peace between the rival nations of Barmecia and Cleycourt, battling the ferocious barbarians of Folklung and Norfolk, as well as the dark hordes, and foiling the evil schemes of the countess Mary De Mortfichet in Kaloix, before eventually reaching the King's Castle, where Dario subdues Mordred's dark general, Kerberos.

Playable CharactersEdit

These are the playable heroes from The Settlers V Heritage of Kings.