Pilgrim is a miner, who comes from a Sulphur Mining family. The family specialized in explosives of all kinds,

Pilgrim close-up

keeping the secret arts within the family, as a result, he has a slight distrust in other people and doesn't feel that anyone other than himself is competent with explosives. When the party first meet Pilgrim, he is in charge of the Stone Mining operation in Barmecia, Pilgrim joins the party when the mayor of Barmecia requests stones so he can construct a cathedral. Pilgrim proves to be invaluable to the party as he guides them through the hills of Folklung and Norfolk, he also assists in the recruiting of the final hero, Salim. When the party arrives in Folklung, they find the city under siege by barbarians, led by the vicious Varg. Pilgrim goes on ahead of the others to meet engineering genius, Salim, with the two of them joining back with the party later in this level. Pilgrim is also sent away with Ari to the villages east of Kaloix by the countess Mary De Mortfichet. The party later encounter Pilgrim in a village far to the east, where he tells of the ambush that he and Ari got caught up in, and that Ari was taken away.

Pilgrim is by far the strongest hero in battle, with high attack and defense caps. Pilgrim's speed is what lets him down, being slower than the other heroes. Pilgrim's abilities are also very useful. He can erect a Spring Cannon to act as a temporary defence mechanism. He can also plant bombs, either to expose mine shafts or to obliterate enemies in combat.