Ari is a Robber Knight, leading her band of Rogues in the Cleycourt area. In order to gain the trust of the

Ari close-up

people of Barmecia, Dario and friends must capture Ari and her gang, and present them to the mayor of Barmecia . Upon doing so, the heroes also finish the Weather Machine that was being constructed nearby, which make the skies burst open with rain, as was requested by the mayor of Cleycourt. However, trouble struck when the Weather Machine broke down, causing the rains to become endless, and flooding much of the land around Cleycourt. With the country in turmoil, Cleycourt declared war on Barmecia, it was then that the heroes sought the help of Ari, returning to Barmecia and relieving her of her prison cell. In return, Ari helped the heroes to halt the rain and make peace between the two nations. Dario requested that Ari join them on their journey and she humbly accepted. When the party arrive in Kaloix, Ari is sent away to the neighbouring villages along with Pilgrim to check reported disturbances, the party later find Ari in the clutches of De Mortfichet, but after De Mortfichet's defeat, Ari is returned to the group. At this point, it becomes apparent that Dario is smitten with Ari.

While Ari has the same defensive attributes as Helias, she is an invaluable member of the team, as she can attack from afar using her bow. Her abilities are also incredibly useful, Ari's first ability is that she can Camouflage herself to avoid enemies, this skill comes in handy on many occasions. Her other ability is useful when low on soldiers, as she can summon members of her gang to lend a helping hand in the fray, however these reinforcements only stay around for a short time.